ISO 9001:2008

Precast concrete manholes

ManholesPrecast manholes in reinforced or mass concrete are watertight vertical holes that allow access to the wastewater networks for maintenance and for aeration and ventilation of the channel.

The different elements that make up the watertight precast concrete manholes are intended for black water, white water and surface water disposal networks in gravitational or, occasionally low pressure systems, installed in areas subject to road or pedestrian traffic.

ALBERDI reinforces precast concrete manholes are made up of different modular parts so the most suitable solution can be found for each case, leading to significant savings in comparison with manholes manufactured on-site.

In addition to the concrete manholes being fully watertight thanks to the elastic gaskets used in all the connections, each of their parts have transport pins that, using hooks, greatly facilitates transport, loading and unloading and the positioning of these parts on-site, providing greater speed, agility and safety in the execution.

The watertight concrete manholes by PREFABRICADOS ALBERDI are made using the following pieces:


Elements of the concrete manholes




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