ISO 9001:2008


Quality and environment

PREFABRICADOS ALBERDI S.A. has an internal protocol of production monitoring in the factory in which the whole manufacturing process is monitored step-by-step and continuous quality is ensured throughout all the different stages of production.

Quality during and after the manufacture of concrete pipes requires a great effort and control, as possible defective parts could compromise the tightness that is so crucial in wastewater piping and drains.

This is why every day PREFABRICADOS ALBERDI S.A. subjects 100% of the pipes manufactured the previous day to a tightness test. This tightness test consists of the leakage of air from the interior of pipe, and the internal pressure is maintained within a pre-established range for a given time period to detect possible leakage in the pipes. The pipes that do not pass this test are removed.

If the pipes are manufactured in batches for a particular client order, in addition to the aforementioned test, the following quality control will be performed:

  • Tests on the materials:
    • Compression resistance of specimens of fresh concrete
    • Analysis of the consistency of fresh concrete
    • Breakage under compression of samples extracted from the pipes
    • Alkalinity and water absorption
    • Layout of the reinforcement
  • Mechanical resistance: breakage test of the three edges
  • Hydrostatic tests
  • Tightness tests on the gasket

All the elements and tools used for the various tests are calibrated by official laboratories, and each has a certificate of calibration.

At the end of all these product verifications, a technical dossier will be submitted with all the results of the tests and analyses carried out on both the pipes and the starting materials used.


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