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Why should you build with precast concrete?

The construction sector must cope with new challenges due to the global problems affecting our society such as global warming and the growing demand for energy.

The new building projects must be designed to protect us against climate change. We must seek new solutions that are sustainable and that, in addition, ensure the standards of the construction and the quality of life of the users inside these buildings.

Precast concrete meets all of these requirements and it is already considered the construction method of the future.

These products are the perfect combination of using a traditional starting material and constant innovation, in both its composition and its production processes.

The main advantages attributed to precast concrete are the speed of execution and a production processes under stable and controlled conditions; both aspects allow the optimisation of materials and resources, and a better general budget at the end.

The fact is that these products have many more advantages. For example, fire resistance, durability, sustainability and acoustic and energy efficiency thanks to the thermal mass of their principal material, concrete, that ensures a stable temperature within the construction, which contributes to general energy savings and a more pleasant environment inside for the users.

It should be pointed out that in terms of costs, precast concrete has the principal advantage of being economical in the four life cycle stages of the product:

Production: the starting material is economical and of easy access.
Construction: the manpower needs, completion time and transport decreases
Use: high durability of the construction and reduction in energy consumption
End of life: it is 100% recyclable.

These properties, and many others, make the construction created with precast concrete components more efficient than other supposed alternative solutions.

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