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What are the main advantages of using precast concrete?

The 10 main advantages for using it are:

  1. Industrialised construction: Precast concrete products are custom made in industrial plants that fully guarantee their function and quality.
  2. Minimum execution time: Precast concrete is assembled on-site only (there is no in situ construction), which reduces auxiliary tasks and labour.
  3. Safety in construction and use: The resistance of precast concrete is guaranteed from the moment it leaves the plant, throughout the whole life of the product.
  4. Durability: The starting materials used and the quality control of the finished products make maximum durability possible, unlike other construction options.
  5. Maximum resistance: structural, fire, etc. Precast concrete preserves all its resistance properties even in adverse situations, for example, in fires.
  6. Acoustic and thermal insulation: Precast concrete improves sound insulation and optimises energy by thermal mass.
  7. Excellent cost/benefit ratio: Precast concrete can reduce work throughout the construction process leading to a better balance between the investment and profit.
  8. Controlled quality: The quality of the product is guaranteed by the manufacturer, independently of the execution.
  9. Versatility and design: Precast concrete can be adapted to any technical or design requirements and is highly competitive in serial products.
  10. Sustainability: The use of precast concrete is synonymous with optimum control of environmental, social and economic impact during both the construction and the subsequent use and management.

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