ISO 9001:2008

Extension rings


Extension modulesThe concrete extension rings or extension modules by PREFABRICADOS ALBERDI, S.A. are vertical elements in mass or reinforced concrete that allow the necessary height of the different precast concrete manholes to be modified. The extension rings are fitted with suitable flexible elastomeric gaskets, ensuring fully watertight joints between the various elements that make up the precast concrete manholes.

The concrete extension rings or extension modules also consist of polypropylene steps integrated in the form of a stairway at the distance specified by the current regulations to allow access to and maintenance of the pipeline, and to be able to descend down to the connections in the base module.

In addition to joints with elastomeric sealing gaskets, every extension module also have various pins to facilitate transport, loading and unloading and the positioning of the concrete manhole bases on-site, providing greater speed, agility and safety in the execution.

The methods used to manufacture these elements and the use of high quality materials fully guarantee the quality, durability and function of these products.

At the same time, due to Royal Decree 1630/1192 entering into effect through European Directive 89/106/CE on the provisions for the free movement of construction products, it is established that the elements that make up the manholes or inspection chambers must carry the CE marking complying with the provisions of the current valid standard, UNE EN 1917:2004. For this reason PREFABRICADOS ALBERDI, S.A. marks all of its pipes with the CE marking by means of dispatch notes.





Extension modules 300 / 600 / 900

Extension modules
OPTION A (Without pins)

Extension modules - A

OPTION B (With pins)
Extension modules - B

D. interior (mm) D. exterior (mm) Useful height (mm) Weight (kg) Nº STEPS POSSIBLE CONNECTION*
1,000 1,240 300 320 1 UP TO Ø160 PVC**
600 630 2 UP TO Ø400 PVC**
900 945 3 UP TO Ø630 PVC**
1,200 1,520 300 468 1 UP TO Ø160 PVC**
600 925 2 UP TO Ø400 PVC**
900 1,414 3 UP TO Ø630 PVC**

*This will depend on the relative position of the hole
**For other materials, consult the corresponding salesperson




Extension module D800
Extension module D1000 01
Extension module D1000 03
Extension module D1000 05
Extension module D1000 06
Extension module D1200 01
Extension module D1200 06
Extension module D1200 07
Extension modules 01
Extension modules 02
Extension modules 03
Extension modules 04

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